Children's Climate Emergency 

                                                                                         Managed by Dr. Peter Carter

The climate crisis poses an “existential risk” to the health and wellbeing of all children and action to tackle it is needed immediately Britain’s most senior paediatrician Dr Camilla Kingdon (The Guardian, 21 Oct. 2023).

Young children are the most vulnerable population to all climate change impacts in all countries,  and they will experience the worst climate change impacts increasing over their life-time. There is universal science agreement on this.

Children are supposed to be protected from climate change hard under the UN

UN 1948 Universal Declaration of human rights in Article 25 

1959 UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child on the Rights of the Child

1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Our Children's Trust

legal appeals are routinely fought vigorously by governments, with national courts rejecting a children's right to climate safety. 

Last year was a record 1.45°C of global warming and temperatures are still increasing in 2024 .

The IPCC Assessment says the globally disastrous 1.5°C will unavoidably impact soon after  2030. 

2°C will impact by 2050, without immediate rapid global emissions decline, as called for by IPCC AR6,

and so the climate catastrpe 2°C will impact by 2050.  

For years the IPCC reports ( UNEP and many others) over many years have documented that limiting global warming to 1.5°C and 2°C, has  required global emissions to decline by 2020. Every IPCC Assessment has put 2020 as the very latest to have global emissions in decline. 

30 years after the 1992 signing of the UN climate change convention, all climate indicators are record high increasing as fast as ever- some faster (WMO State of Climate in 2023)

UNICEF petition Children climate crisis petition

Unprecented Crime on the World's Children

Unprecedented committed (unavoidable) suffering and loss of life affecting children from climate change impacts  (increasing for all their life), is documented by this site, with evidence it is an unprecedented crime, requiring at a minimum immediate rapid global emissions decline (as IPCC AR6). This requires immediate unconditional termination of all GHG polluting subsidies  

Urgent advocacy is needed for children's rights from professionals and public to drive climate change ignoring political will.

Child climate advocacy brief Nov 2022 UNICEF 

Governments and world powers are promoting continued extraction of fossil fuels (including increasing fossil fuel subsidies) and emissions are at record high being increased.

The IPCC AR6 found continued policies leads to a global catastrophic heating of 3.2°C. 


The kids aren't alright — climate change impacts on children now and in the future

Sept. 2019  expert report by Climate Analytics  

It pointed out  2.5 billion children living today will live to see a 1.5°C warmer world, more than 90% of today’s 16-year-olds would live to see a 2°C warm world. 

Rising seas, increasingly frequent and intense extreme events such as tropical storms, extreme precipitation, droughts and floods, decreasing crop yields, which threaten food security, water stress and increasing health issues are only some of the impacts children will have to live with.

The IPCC Chairs have called for the immediate rapid decline of global emissions at the high profile UN climate conferences for the  past five years. The IPCC 2022 6th Assessment,  requires global emissions to decline 2020-2025- immediately.


Today's children are the first generation born into a climate changed Earth

Small children are the most vulnerable to all climate change impacts 1. At present and 2. Throughout their lives

The IPCC AR6 SYR Headline Statements includes: 'There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all'

IPCC 6th Assessment 2023

UNEP 2021 annual emissions

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